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Into the Light

Founded in 2010 and integrated into the Lumenpulse Group since 2015, Exenia is a company specializing in the production of LED lighting luminaires that combine the excellence of Italian design with cutting-edge lighting performances, capable of satisfying the needs of any lighting designer or professional.

Exenia’s solutions are designed for the decorative and professional lighting of museums, places of worship, hospitality, and retail, both for indoor and outdoor environments.

Through its in-house production process – from design concept, production, through to delivery – Exenia is able to guarantee total quality control of the entire process and offer a high degree of flexibility in the development of sustainable lighting solutions designed according to specific customer requirements.

Flexibility, Creativity, and Expertise are the differentiating elements that allow Exenia to produce unique and effective solutions for every application, keeping people’s comfort and respect for the environment at the forefront.


Exenia is a significant player in the professional lighting sector, specialising in the production of LED luminaires for indoor use, suitable for all types of installation, from residential to commercial, from museums to showrooms. A growing company, with an entrepreneurial culture solidly based on principles of collaboration, transparency, respect, social responsibility, quality, research, innovation, sustainability, design and customisation.

Founded in 2010, from its founders’ decades of experience in the lighting sector, Exenia became part of the Lumenpulse Group family in December 2015. Thus was born a stimulating synergy within an international network of young and innovative companies that exchange complementary skills in the field of lighting, sharing the Canadian brand’s cutting-edge technology and research laboratories capable of offering some of the most sophisticated optics systems in the world.

The company’s policy is to offer a high-quality product in which design and creativity are combined with the most advanced technology in the lighting industry.

In offering its product Exenia holds firm to certain fundamental principles

– respect for the expectations of all stakeholders;

– the environmental sustainability of processes and products;

– The consolidation of trust with the customer and the increase in customer satisfaction;

– The strengthening of relations with all suppliers;

– The sharing of corporate objectives with all employees

– Strengthening synergies with the parent company

In order to implement the above principles Exenia draws up guidelines for the definition and implementation of quality objectives to be shared with all stakeholders, the elements of which are set out below:

– Definition, application and maintenance of a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard;

– Planning of business processes on the basis of internal and external contextual factors, stakeholder expectations and the associated quality risks always consistent with meeting customer and stakeholder expectations

– Compliance with legal requirements (with particular regard to environmental requirements) and contractual regulations

– Ensuring appropriate information and training of human resources on quality and environmental aspects related to the activities performed and communication of the principles of the company’s integrated policy

– Development of products and availability of raw materials that meet in terms of quality the needs and expectations of its customers and that are in line with the principles of environmental sustainability

– Implementation of appropriate systems for monitoring product quality and environmental performance of the organisation

– Communication to personnel and dissemination to interested parties of the company’s quality and environmental policy and, more generally, constant availability to internal and external communications of an environmental nature

– Promotion of the continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System

– Promotion of stakeholder participation and consultation to ensure efficient and effective application of the Integrated Management System

– Promotion of corporate development safeguarding the company’s quality and environmental performance

– Selection of suppliers on the basis of objective assessments of quality, price, ability to provide and guarantee services of an adequate level and on the basis of their environmental performance

– Commitment to periodic evaluation of compliance with environmental protection laws and requirements

– Periodic definition of improvement objectives for quality and the environment

– Reduction of negative environmental impacts related to its activities

– Protection of the environment through the saving of natural resources, avoiding waste and, through analysis to verify the possibility of re-use or recycling of energy and materials

– Improvement in the use of resources;

– Maintaining a high level of information and communication both internally and externally, through appropriate tools;

– Maintaining a system of risk analysis, emergency preparedness and response;

The commitments described in the policy are translated into improvement objectives for Quality and the Environment that Exenia approves annually, ensuring all the resources necessary for their achievement and implementing a monitoring activity.

The Organisation undertakes to constantly monitor the pursuit of these commitments, through scheduled audit cycles, the review of objectives and targets, the revision of this policy annually, and in any case whenever contingent needs make it necessary.

Management is committed to disseminating its Policy to all interested parties and to training, sensitising and empowering its employees to ensure that business processes are managed appropriately to achieve the best results.