Exenia lights up the Jago Museum

“I look at my surroundings, shape them and share them”

The church of Sant’Aspreno ai Crociferi in Naples, which had been in a state of neglect for many years, was completely renovated by JAGO and is now the private museum-laboratory of the young, brilliant artist’s works.

Jago measures himself with the material par excellence of classical art, marble. In the beautiful setting of the church, the works blend with the architecture and seem to have been there forever.

The task of light is severe. The sculptures must take center stage in a completely white space.
In order to have proper lighting – the right balance between shadow and light, between field and counterfield – it was necessary to find a lighting solution inspired by the classical model, recreating the effect that natural light coming in through a window produces.

To meet these requirements, Light Company, the lighting designer’s studio responsible for the project, chose to work with our SPOT REVO MAX 230 projector, whose features made it possible to achieve an exciting and satisfying result in all project expectations.