Develer’s headquarters

The project for the new headquarters of Develer in Campi Bisenzio, a Tuscan company specialising in software and hardware design, was entrusted to MDU Architetti of Prato. The renovation work involved two artisanal buildings located in the northern part of the city, in an area that already hosts numerous production activities with a high technological and commercial profile.

For the new Develer headquarters, the breadth of Exenia’s offer allows for a transversal approach to the various areas of design, and the optical performance allows for the use of compact and miniaturised luminaires. Various products were selected depending on the multiple lighting requirements of the rooms. The focus was on Mag in need of narrow and defined zenithal beams. M2 and M3 projectors for accent lighting and Bilux for controlled general lighting. The soft, diffuse light of Bola LED allows for a 360° distribution in a minimal but effective graphic sign. The entire installation is equipped with a centralised control and dimming system.

Campi Bisenzio, Italy
Project Architect
MDU Architects
Pietro Savorelli