Jago Museum

The church of Sant’Aspreno ai Crociferi in the health district of Naples had been abandoned for many years. Jago completely renovated it and today it is the private museum of the young genius’ works.

Jago measures himself with the material par excellence of classical art, marble. In the beautiful setting of the church, the works merge with the architecture and seem to have been there forever.

The task of light is severe. The sculptures must take centre stage in a completely white space. The space must be read but must not ‘assault’ the reading of the artefacts.

Jago’s works are inspired by classical art and give immediately recognisable forms and subjects from a distance. Then, as you approach the sculptures, you discover the second layer that is Jago’s signature. The surface texture. All the works have an infinite series of fractals that reproduce the folds of the skin and give the sculpture a ‘vibrant’ effect. It is a detail that becomes hypnotic and attracts the gaze, inducing the visitor to get closer and closer to delve into this precious work that multiplies and decomposes the work, which from close up offers a new and infinite reading.

The difficulty in creating the correct lighting is therefore to find a balance between shadow and light, between field and counterfield. The sculptures need a lighting solution inspired by the classical model that recalls the effect produced by natural light coming in through a window.

To do this job requires specialised products that have great control of the luminous flux they produce and a strong luminance restraint. This requires optics that match the chip emission without having ‘passive’ halos, which in a white space would be harmful, and would add an unbearable handwriting for a correct reading of the works.

For this reason, Light Company chose to work with Exenia’s SPOT REVO MAX 230 projector, equipped with 18W LEDs, 7° precision optics, colour rendering 92 and a colour temperature of 4000K; a mixture of features thanks to which it was possible to achieve an exciting and satisfying result in all project expectations.

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