Paris Office

Our Paris branch, which serves as Lumenpulse Group’s France, Europe, was first opened as our sixth international office in September 2015. Our Paris sales and service teams, which are known for ensuring a high level of customer support for specifiers and designers throughout Europe, has been growing, in stride with the company’s own continuous expansion. The time came to create a warm and modern space to house them better.

While the primarily open space is warmed with exposed brick, textured plywood facades next to a mix of black and white walls, with carpeted floors mingled with wooden floor section, the entire office performs a double duty. It is not only a welcoming workplace but has also been transformed into a showroom for the Group’s European offerings, displaying all our available brands in splendid action. 

A scattering of Exenia LIA luminaires brightens the kitchen and eating area, while an Exenia WILLY hangs overhead of a conference room table flanked by two Lumenalpha Clear Small Downlights. Lumencove luminaires accent from atop the main plywood clad office area, wherein a Fluxwerx PROFILE luminaire hails over the central work desk as an ever popular Fluxwerx VIEW adorns the amber glass-walled middle office space.

If you’re ever in Paris, come and visit. We’d be more than happy to show you around. 

Paris, France
Jared Chulski Photography


Our Paris sales and service office grows into the future, simultaneously becoming a warm workplace and a showroom for Lumenpulse Group’s offerings.