Sede Intrawelt

The restoration of this 19th century villa to house the new operational and management headquarters of the translation and language services company Intrawelt was a pleasant opportunity through which it was possible to return to the place what it once was, the home of Rosa Calzecchi Onesti, a figure who made the history of Italian translation.
Enhancing the building while maintaining its original architectural and compositional characteristics by inserting contemporary elements that represent the succession of history, creating a place where old and new meet, dialoguing in perfect functional continuity, offering themselves as mutual reading tools, was exciting and stimulating.
The internal operative spaces were created with the aim of achieving the necessary concentration, while for the common and refreshment areas, priority was given to openings to the outside, transparencies and continuity with the surrounding nature, thus nurturing relaxation and creativity.
Old and contemporary materials, finishes and architectural elements dialogue with each other, overlapping and enhancing each other. A special role is played by natural and artificial light.
While natural lighting is ensured and guaranteed by the glazed surfaces, for the artificial light Studio Luce Comet RemaTarlazzi collaborated with one of our trusted suppliers, Exenia, the intention was to achieve a technical and aesthetic result at the same time, fitting perfectly into the project through the use of finishes consistent with the spirit of the design objectives.

Porto Sant'Elpidio, Fermo, Italy
Michele Magliola
Studio Luce Comet RemaTarlazzi