At a time when the issue of climate change is becoming more and more pressing, Exenia bases its philosophy on sustainable development in which plants, equipment, workplaces and operating methods are implemented in a way that safeguards the health of workers and the community in which the company operates. The company’s plant is set in an 800-square-metre green park where nature is a source of inspiration and an integral part of the design philosophy.
Working environments are designed to create shared, welcoming and relaxed spaces.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is an action agenda for people, planet and prosperity. Exenia pledges to abide by and follow the path toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Signed in September 2015 by the governments of the 193 member countries of the UN. It incorporates 17 Sustainable Development Goals – Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs – into a grand program of action with a total of 169 ‘targets’ or goals. The official launch of the Sustainable Development Goals coincided with the beginning of 2016, guiding the world on the road ahead over the next 15 years, with countries pledging to achieve them by 2030.

The Development Goals follow up on the achievements of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that preceded them, and represent common goals on a range of important development issues: fighting poverty, eradicating hunger, and combating climate change, to name but a few. ‘Common goals’ means that they affect all countries and all individuals: no one is excluded from them, nor should they be left behind along the path needed to put the world on the road to sustainability.