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Project type: Institutions + Workplaces
Location: Pula, Croatia
Architect: TRIPTIH d.o.o. Croatia
Lighting Design: LUKS d.o.o. Croatia
Photographer: Sasa Halambek


The UNILINE brand is fun and colourful which we thought would be a perfect match for the Exenia brand.

Marijana Milevoj


In 2017/18, the UNILINE travel company embarked upon the construction of a new head office building in Pula, Croatia. UNILINE teamed up with architectural office TRIPTIH and lighting design firm LUKS to bring their vision of a new headquarter to life.

Travel represents joy, comfort and excitement for many of UNILINE's customers, so much so, that these emotions became a leitmotiv for the new office building and what it should represent. From the outside, the owners' vision for the building was to become a landmark within a busy intersection of roads, a tranquil oasis within the daily hustle and bustle. All of this had to be achieved in an energy efficient manner to help keep maintenance cost and carbon footprint of the building to a minimum. 

With this brief in mind, the architects and lighting designers got to work. ‘It really was a joy to collaborate with UNILINE and LUKS on this project. Because we were working on a new built, we had very little constraints on how to deliver the clients brief and could freely explore our design ideas. 

The architects carefully crafted the design of every room to both fulfil its practical as well as emotional function to create the desired client and employee experience. For the interior lighting of the UNILINE office and staff apartments above the offices, the lighting designers chose luminaires from Exenia lighting. ‘The UNILINE brand is fun and colourful which we thought would be a perfect match for the Exenia brand.' Marijana Milevoj, Lighting Designer LUKS. 

In the foyer, energy efficient NEMO mini trimless luminaires were installed to provide general illumination, along with ATOLLO ceiling luminaires in grey and orange, a perfect match for the orange leather furniture in the room. Along the stairwells and office corridors, more NEMO trimless downlights provide light for safe. In the conference rooms, the lighting designers chose to use large circular HOLA pendants with a diameter of two metres and DALI dimming to enable additional energy savings by dimming to different light levels.

The result represents a perfect blend between colour and function that fits the UNILINE brand like a glove. 

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