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Market: Places of Worship - Monuments and Museums
Location: Ragusa, Italy
Lighting Design: Angelo Sanzone
Photographer: Emanuela Minaldi


Santuario Maria Ss. Di Gulfi

Places of worship are spaces, in general, built and organized for celebration, meditation and prayer. As such, they must be designed with coherence with the rite; rite which is expressed by the support of key simbologies, as the light with which they are in close relation. Light is guide: "in a metaphorical sense to lead the man out of darkness, in a metaphysical sense to focus the attention on symbols and on the signs belonging to the rite".  Beyond the religious aspect of the place of worship also the cultural aspect must be taken in account. In this sense the Gulfi Sanctuary means, to the Diocese of Ragusa, an important historical, artistical and architectural witness, enjoyed by believers as well as by countless visitors.

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