Project details

Project type: Institutions + Workplaces
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Client: Purpose Investment
Architect: Silver Studio Architect
Lighting Design: Silver Studio Architect
Designer: Silver Studio Architect
Photographer: Scott Norsworthy


The syncopated detailing and sleek linearity of the Fluxwerx fixtures work beautifully with the other selected elements and help tie the space together.

Brie Johnson OAA
SIlver Studio Architect

Purpose Office

Purpose Investments is located in downtown Toronto, Canada. The design of the Purpose offices is inspired by the idea of a line of thought.  The concept of line vs. solid and void, is explored throughout the design in various forms. 

The lobby lounge is an area carved out between solids that is knitted together with crisscrossing lines.  It functions as the social hub for the workplace,  offering relaxing, regenerating and collaboration space for the teams. The contrast in finishes - smooth vs. rough, dark vs. light and shiny vs. matte - is echoed in the selection of light fixtures that illuminate the space.

All of the specified Fluxwerx Aperture luminaries use LED sources with a colour temperature of 3500K and a CRI of 80 plus. Direct fixtures were chosen for the lobby lounge as the ceiling is a raw unfinished concrete. The watts per sq/ft is well under the IES recommended standard for office spaces.