Church of Santa Maria Goretti

A singular project that interprets the sacred theme with a very powerful and decisive monumentality, where the stylistic logic, more than anywhere else, is revealed inside in all its intensity. The monolithic dimension of the exterior evaporates into the interior space where the metaphysical essence is captured by a dynamic and restless sky made of light and the movement of clouds. An ethereal scenario where light determines the intensity of the atmosphere, mixes, chases itself, diluting itself between natural and artificial in a continuous peaceful transformation. A lighting project with a high emotional content built with soft beams and high-precision optics where the scenic and functional result marry and calibrate the intensity of the sacred hall itself.

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Location: , Italy
Market: Places of Worship - Monuments and Museums
Project Architect: MC A – Mario Cucinella Architets
Lighting Consultants: Progetto Luce srl
Photographer: Scura Design