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Project type: Institutions + Workplaces, Arts + Culture
Location: Bilbao, Spain
Lighting Design: Comercial Susaeta
Photographer: Ion Ander


Paraninfo University of Deusto

The University of Deusto in Bilbao is considered one of the most prestigious academic institutions in all of Spain.
The Paraninfo is the most emblematic area of the whole Institute, both for its beauty and for its role. It is in fact a multidisciplinary room, with constructive elements in wood, iron and numerous frescoes of great artistic importance.

In this place traditionally take place the ceremonies for the beginning of the courses and for the final thesis. Beyond this, here also take place different activities such as theatrical shows, concerts, congresses and conferences. There are 500 places available.

The project was realised by our distributor Comercial Susaeta, who with great skill, was able to emphasise the wonderful frescoed ceilings of the Paraninfo, using the projectors of the Museo family of Exenia. The final result was excellent in terms of intensity, uniformity, color rendering and temperature color.
This project represents a harmonious meeting point between the lighting needs of a unique historical building and the great performance of the Exenia projectors.

Developed according to a special need, this products' family is intended to guarantee the highest standards of performance, while maintaining a great versatility and a non-invasive impact of the installation. This is the reason why the Museo family is obtaining the awards of all the most important international leading actors in the architectural - museum sector. The Museo family can be used every time there's the need to obtain the highest performance reducing at the same time the aesthetic impact and guaranteeing a visual continuity. This range of products assures new technical solutions that enhance and respect at the same time the delicate and harmonious historical environments.

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